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A Curious Glimpse of Michigan

A Curious Glimpse of Michigan

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A Curious Glimpse of Michigan
Year: 2007
  • Tracks
  • Description
Michigan…Not Malarkey $0.99
Welcome $0.99
Ground Pork Standards (Michigan Fact) $0.99
Apple Blossom: State Flower of Michigan $0.99
Horseless Carriages (Michigan Fact) $0.99
Over 635 Cities $0.99
American Robin: State Bird of Michigan $0.99
Spring $0.99
Board Game Tournament (Michigan Fact) $0.99
White Pine: State Tree of Michigan $0.99
Enter the Michigan Sweepstakes! $0.99
Cousin Jacks $0.99
Petroglyphs (Michigan Fact) $0.99
Petoskey Stone: State Stone of Michigan $0.99
Summertime $0.99
Co-ed Little League (Michigan Fact) $0.99
The Fur Trade? $0.99
Dogsled Production (Michigan Fact) $0.99
Brook Trout: State Fish of Michigan $0.99
Heavy Metal Weathervane (Michigan Fact) $0.99
Super State $0.99
Forest $0.99
Hefty Hairball (Michigan Fact) $0.99
Isle Royale Green Stone: State Gem of Michigan $0.99
Last Stagecoach Holdup (Michigan Fact) $0.99
Capital City, Capitol Building $0.99
Kalkaska Soil: State Soil of Michigan $0.99
Commercial Tomatoes (Michigan Fact) $0.99
Michigan Animals $0.99
Painted Turtle: State Reptile of Michigan $0.99
These Were the First Americans $0.99
An Autumn Day $0.99
Crushed Auto Tires (Michigan Fact) $0.99
White-tailed Deer: State Game Mammal of Michigan $0.99
The Era of Logging $0.99
Cucumbers for Pickles (Michigan Fact) $0.99
Dwarf Lake Iris: State Wildflower of Michigan $0.99
A Day on the Mighty Mac $0.99
Bathtub Boat (Michigan Fact) $0.99
Winter Air $0.99
Pancake Blizzard (Michigan Fact) $0.99
Mastodon: State Fossil of Michigan $0.99
Curious Questions $0.99
Tremendous Tricycle (Michigan Fact) $0.99
Trace Your Hands! $0.99
There’s a Whole Lot More to Michigan $0.99
Farewell $0.99
This Whole State Bird Business $0.99
I Wish I Lived in Michigan $0.99

An album filled with fun and quirky songs and interesting facts – all connected to the Great Lakes State. Features over 40 musicians and a variety of genres. By Ryan Hipp, Kevin Kammeraad, and Friends

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