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Chibi Kodama

Chibi Kodama

Chibi Kodama is all-ages indie rock for kids and families.Call us “Kindie” rock, alt-rock for kids, Family rock, whatever… we’re here to make big, encouraging rock music that the whole family can enjoy. Chibi Kodama is the musical creation of the Cullimore family. A family of 7: mom, 5 girls and dad. Conceived in 2013 by Dad to make encouraging rock for his daughters to listen to, Chibi Kodama has morphed into an unflinching expression of their family life.

The Kodama are magical beings. In the movie, Princess Mononoke, they were forest spirits who could seem pretty intimidating at first (if you’re a parent, you can relate to this in looking into the eyes of an upset little girl) but they also lead the main characters on some pretty incredible journeys to life and healing.

Chibi means short, or small person or thing. Kids are short. ***usually***

So, the name refers to short, magical people who take you on magical adventures.

Their latest album, “Between Main Street and Neverland” is the the result of a non-stop, roller coaster year that began with a showcase performance at KindieComm in Philly, and ended with uprooting and restarting life in Knoxville, TN. (heck, they even enrolled the kids in public school for the first time in their homeschooled lives – gulp!)

Chibi Kodama makes music that THEY want to listen to, and it’s the soundtrack of their lives. Singing about topics that every individual can relate to: breaking through our walls of fear, questioning our beliefs no matter how frightening, dealing with trauma, peer pressure and criticism, anxieties and searching for who we really are… ultimately, they sing about how to learn together as a family to let love, and NOT fear, have its way.

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