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Jay Mankita

Jay Mankita

Jay Mankita has been playing music for, and with his audiences, for over 30 years. His performances combine humorous and serious songs, always presented from a positive, ethical perspective. Jay is a seasoned veteran of the children’s circuit as well as the adult americana/folk scene, playing for some 50 thousand people each year in diverse venues – elementary schools and libraries, house concerts, coffeehouses, and folk festivals.

Jay is an award winning and masterful songwriter; a guitarist, humorist, and performing artist who long ago, was named one of the half-dozen best songwriters, by folk legend Pete Seeger. Pete himself suggested and transcribed Jay’s song Living Planet, for publication in Sing Out Magazine.

Awards & Accomplishments

‘Eat Like A Rainbow’ has won a coveted Parent’s Choice award, and the title track from that album is also featured on the CD ‘Picnic Playground’, by the international world music label, Putumayo, distributed in over 100 countries. ‘Junk Food Man’ was featured on a Grammy-nominated album, ‘Healthy Food For Thought’.

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