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Mifflin Lowe

Mifflin Lowe

Author, singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Mifflin has delighted kids from New Orleans to New England with musical performances from his CDs for children, including: Beasts By The Bunches, The King Who Forgot His Underpants, Cowboy Kareem, Cat Tales and Rock and Santa and the Magical Holiday Wishing Well. In addition to his music, Mifflin has published four books including the children’s poetry book, Beasts By The Bunches (Doubleday) and three humor books for adults: The Cheapskate’s Handbook, I Hate Fun and How to be a Celebrity.
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Awards & Accomplishments

Blurbs, Words & Reviews: BEASTS BY THE BUNCHES. Selected 5 Star “Pick of the Month” XMKids Satellite Radio

“A delightful collection of songs and poems. Some are funny, some are touching, all are clever and entertaining. A wonderful mix of silliness and insight.”
-Chris Vanallsburg, author of The Polar Express and Jumanji, Caldecott Award winner.

“Beasts By the Bunches” employs a bevy of musical styles that fit the animals’ attitudes. The country western feel of “Rag of Colts” is wild and wooly, and it’s easy to imagine rough-and-tumble miners belting “A Labor of Moles.” This clever collection tickles the funny bone and informs and educates as it goes.
– John Woods,

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