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Milkshake is a band on a mission: to create great rock music for kids. Led by singer Lisa Mathews and guitarist Mikel Gehl, whose songs for grown-ups have been featured in movies and prime-time television, and whose indie rock group Love Riot garnered critical praise during its 10-year run, Milkshake has won over preschoolers without compromising songcraft, stagecraft or their authentic rock&roll spirit. Find out more at the Milkshake Music website.

Awards & Accomplishments

Original songs and videos for PBS KIDS Share the Earth Day and Pre-School Destination programming
– Original songs and videos for Discovery Kids’ preschool hit ToddWorld
– videos on NOGGIN
– Five Award-winning CDs of original music
– Great Day received a 2009 Grammy Nomination for “Best Musical Recording for Children”
– SCREEN PLAY! DVD release

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