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Parachute Express

Parachute Express

For millions of children across the country, PARACHUTE EXPRESS is
synonymous with family entertainment at its very best. Featuring the talents of
Donny Becker, Janice Hubbard, and Stephen Michael Schwartz, PARACHUTE
EXPRESS has brought music and smiles to parents and children throughout the
nation with their exceptional ability to blend great songwriting, sophisticated
harmonies and a high-quality, kid-friendly production style unsurpassed by many
children’s artists today.
Find out more at the Parachute Express website.

Awards & Accomplishments

Included in PARACHUTE EXPRESS’ extensive list of credits is their many
invitations by President and Mrs. Clinton to perform at The White House. They
were presented for both Inaugural celebrations — at The Kennedy Center for “A
Salute To Children” and the National Mall in Washington D.C. — and have
performed regularly for the annual Easter Egg Hunt on the White House lawn.
Named one of the “Superstars of Children’s Music” by L.A. Parent Magazine and
included in “Names to Be Reckoned With” by the Los Angeles Times, Donny,
Janice, and Stephen have earned their reputation as premiere entertainers in children’s music today.

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