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One of the best-known female artists in the children’s genre, Rory has made an impact in music, video, and television. Her parent-friendly pop style has opened doors for her preschool music, and made her a very recognizable face on television’s Discovery Channel.
Since the release of her first groundbreaking children’s album, “I’m Just a Kid”, Rory has been endearing herself to young audiences, and, very importantly, the adults in their lives. As a singer/songwriter, her refreshing and innovative approach helped elevate children’s music to a whole new level. Her warmth and signature style is something children respond to and parents can rely on.

Awards & Accomplishments

In 1992, Rory signed with SonyKids Music and released an album of musical comedy tunes, Rory’s Little Broadway. About that same time, Rory became a host of Ready Set Learn, the preschool section of the Discovery Channel. With her fresh, daily exposure on television, Rory’s music sales increased. In the later part of the ’90s, Rory concentrated on her television career, and kept up a modest concert schedule on the East Coast.

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