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The Salamanders

The Salamanders are a group of singers, songwriters, and performers who are united in the vision of bringing empowering, fun, all-original rock and roll music to children. Cowboy Andy, aka Andrew Hunt (guitar, vocals, piano) is the main songwriter for Bubbles, and Matthew Nord (keys, vocals, guitar) also pens tunes for the band. Antonio Alvarez (drums, vocals) is an internationally-known percussionist with a lengthy of resume of bands and
tours. Russ Gay (vocals, bass) is a fixture in the local independent film scene.

The Salamanders self-titled first album gained national attention, winning Creative Child’s Album of the Year Award in 2015 and 2016, and numerous positive reviews in children’s music blogs, podcasts, and radio shows. As noted in The Missoula Independent, “There are two kinds of kids’ songs. There’s the kind with cheesy, canned music that panders to some bean counter’s idea of what kids like. The other kind is what The Salamanders play—
songs that give even the youngest kids credit for having some sophistication and intelligence when it comes to music.” The Salamanders are also honored to be regular guests on The Pea Green Boat.

To learn more about the Salamanders visit and follow them on Facebook.

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