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The popular composer and performer of children’s songs, YOSI, was born in the ancient city of Beer Sheba, Israel to working class, immigrant parents from Poland. When Yosi was ten years old, his sister became seriously ill with asthma, and the family moved to New York City for a change of climate and better access to medical care.

An avid composer and performer since childhood, Yosi’s first taste of show business was in school musicals. He was seriously bitten by the “show biz bug” early on. However, his parents, being quite practical, discouraged these natural inclinations and sent him off to college to become an engineer. Yosi’s heart wasn’t in it, and despite his impressive mathematical abilities, he failed miserably at his engineering studies. Find out more about Yosi on his website.

Awards & Accomplishments

Five award-winning albums for children: ‘Monkey Business’, ‘Under a Big Bright Yellow Umbrella’, ‘What’s Eatin’ Yosi?’, ‘Super Kids Rock’, and ‘…and A Happy New Year’ ‘…and A Happy New Year’ won Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient, 10 Best Audio/Video Tape/CDs AND one of the 100 Best Children’s Products – 2009 by Dr. Toy, plus Winner of The National Parenting Center’s 2010 Seal of Approval

‘Super Kids Rock!’ won NPR: 2009’s Best Music For Kids, And Their Families, and 2010 Creative Child Preferred Choice Award

‘What’s Eatin’ Yosi?’ won the 2006 Children’s Music Web Award Best Recording for Younger Children (ages 5-8).

‘Under a Big Bright Yellow Umbrella’ was honored with SIX NATIONAL AWARDS: Dr Toy, Smart Play Smart Toy Award, 2004 NAPPA Honors Award, 2004 Children’s Music Web Award Best Song of the Year (ages 5-8) – “Stinky Blues”, 2004 National Parenting Seal of Approval , 2004 iParenting Media Award, & 2004 Adding Wisdom Award.

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