John Wood and Dan Crow
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The History of Wood 'n Crow

Dan Crow says: John Wood was raised in Phoenix, Arizona and, though he couldn’t explain why, he wanted to be more like Dan Crow. Dan Crow was raised in Denver, Colorado and, though he couldn’t explain why, he wanted to be less like John Wood.


The two family music artists finally met in Santa Monica, California when John, who was booking concerts at the famous McCabe’s Guitar Shop, saw Dan perform and was, frankly, awe-struck! Crow’s virtuosity on the kazoo inspired John to become a superb guitarist. John booked Danno! The two iconoclasts became fast friends, with each doing thousands of school assemblies and hundreds of birthday parties. They eventually shared stages and recording studios throughout the west. Dues paid!


Our respect for family entertainment and the kid’s music business led us to establish the artist support site, www.kidzmusic.com. We’ve since decided to interview and review all the artists that make the magic happen.


John Wood says: Scoot up closer, kids. Dan’s perspective is a tad skewed, that’s why I like him. I first saw him at the freeway offramp holding a well-worn cardboard sign that read, Will Kiss a Cow for $$! Well, that piqued my curiosity, so we went looking for a cow and sure enough he was true to his cardboard words.


We do everything together: play guitar, write songs, do podcasts, curl our hair, do our nails – we are inseparable except we live 870 miles apart as the crow flies. Our mission is to entertain, educate and certainly change the demeanor of those who have a difficult time smiling. Yes, I see a hand raised at the back of the room… tune in!


Season 3

Greg & Steve

April 13, 2022

John and Dan interviewing Greg and Steve is like Abbott and Costello interviewing Hall and Oates. Greg and Steve are a gold record-selling duo who are superstars in pre-schools nationwide. These Grammy-nominated artists talk out the creation of their new album, GET UP AND DANCE! That is what their music makes you want to do.



March 23, 2022

Falu is a two-time GRAMMY-nominated performer for families and children. She grew up in Mumbai, India and brings a love of humanity and nature to her music that is richly based in India’s deepest music traditions. John and Dan discuss her musical roots and her beautiful new album, A COLORFUL WORLD


Katherine Dines

March 2, 2022

“KICK-ta-bill-icky/all-uh-guh-LOCK-sta/HUNK-TA-BUNK-TA Boo. YOOO-Hooooo!” This is the delightful chant that Katherine Dines’ grandmother used to call the kids to dinner. It has become her musical brand with all her award-winning releases. Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta Funsies, Holiday Songs and Stories that Celebrate Global Light. Katherine’s pleasant, soothing voice is perfect for the infant and toddler crowd.

John and Dan explore this wonderful inspiration with her and have lots of laughs. It’s a Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta happy conversation!


Ruth & Emilia

February 8, 2022

KidzMusic launches another podcast with John and Dan. They talk with Global Music Awards, Creative Child Magazine’s CD of The Year, Parents’ Choice and Kids First All-Star Duo winners, Ruth and Emilia, about their excellent album KOKOWANDA BAY. This Mother and Daughter creative team discuss the inspiration for their songs about friendship, caring, love and discovery. Oh, and wait for itSpaceship Aliens!


Sonia De Los Santos

January 17, 2022

Sonia De Los Santos is a Latin Grammy Nominated Singer/Songwriter whose new album ESPERANZA is collection of songs about hope, family, and finding the light within us all. John and Dan have a delightful discussion with Sonia about this delightful album. Esperanza means hope and we hope you enjoy this interview.


Season 2

Peter Alsop

December 17, 2021

John and Dan get to re-visit their brother from another mother, the legendary folk singer/songwriter and pioneer children’s artist, Peter Alsop. He talks about his most recent project, CAMPING WITH DADS. This inventive album is filled with stories and songs that “raise our sons’ awareness of the need to respect our daughters and ourselves!” The wonderful CD is Peter’s 11th for kids and families, if you don’t count “Silly Songs and Modern Lullabies” which Dan Crow, Utah Phillips, Happy Traum and Peter recorded in 1978. Enjoy this delightful conversation about Gorillas, Spit Balls, wearing pink, and “Needing A Good Listenin’ To!


The Lucky Band

December 6, 2021

In this episode, we hear from Lucky Diaz and Alisha Gaddis. The dynamic husband and wife duo talk with John and Dan about their 2020 Latin Grammy nominated lullaby album, Paseo Lunar.

And, although this interview was recorded a little while ago, Kidz Music is delighted to share the news that Lucky Diaz and The Family Jam Band were recently nominated for a 2021 Grammy Award for their latest album, Crayon Kids!

These two are true Kindie Music Superstars and they were a joy to connect with, as you will hear!


Justin Roberts

November 17, 2021

In the pantheon of family (Kindie) music, Justin Roberts is on the mountain top. He is a four-time Grammy nominee and tours Nationally with his band, The Not Ready for Naptime Players. John and Dan exchange laughs and creative chops with this remarkable performer and songwriter as they discuss the making of his recent Grammy nominated CD, WILD LIFE. It deals with the joys of parenthood accompanied by the beautiful sounds of piano, cello, marimba and many other cool instruments. It is an enlightening interview with an enlightened artist!


Randy & Dave

November 8, 2021

This episode of Just Kiddin’ features Randy and Dave versus John and Dan in a main event on songwriting as they discuss their fourth and newest album “Giggle and Burp Ballet!”

Randy (Sharp) is a Grammy-winning songwriter whose songs have been #1 hits for Reba McEntire, Emmy Lou Harris, Clay Walker, Dolly Parton and more. Dave (Kinnoin) has eight award-winning children’s recordings of his own and has composed dozens of songs for the likes of Big Bird, Kermit The Frog, The Bear In The Big Blue House and Larry the Cucumber! Their humor is contagious in this new co-creation of delectable songs about Cranky Children, a lovelorn fly separated by a screen door from his heart’s desire, Scratching, Gubble Bum and on and on. These guys are crazy funny and this album will make you giggle and burp!



October 22, 2021

CHILD magazine calls her energy and enthusiasm “contagious” and named Dana as one of the “Top Five Kids’ Singers You Should Know.” Over the past twenty years, children across America have been singing, stomping, jumping and cheering as Dana has performed across the nation with her upbeat tunes and bubbly personality. 

John and Dan had such a blast interviewing their friend Dana about her wonderful new album, A PLACE TO CALL HOME! This “National Parenting Publications (NAPPA)” five-time Gold Award Winner and engaging entertainer has delivered a top-notch collection of tunes about the sky, the sea, the wetlands and underground tunnels in musical styles ranging from Reggae to Bluegrass to a Bossa Nova. Everybody needs a place to call home. Dana takes you there! 


Dennis Scott

October 7, 2021

Today we have Dennis Scott, a two-time Grammy and Emmy award winning producer and songwriter. His songs have been recorded by artists ranging from Ray Charles to Alison Krauss to The Muppets! John and Dan get to talk to him about his most recent album, THANK YOU, MISTER ROGERS. He rounded up an amazing assortment of top selling artists for this album, all to honor the music and memories

of Fred Rogers. Welcome to Dennis Scott’s neighborhood.


Roger Day

September 24, 2021

Roger Day is a Kindie Music Star! He’s recorded nine albums for kids and their families and is a four time Parents’ Choice Gold Award winner. INVINCIBLE, the name of his newest album, is also the focus of this fun interview with John and Dan. They get a surprise visit from Roger’s partner Jodie, and you’ll hear some stories of past encounters with musicians you’ll recognize, including Nancy Griffith. This former camp counselor and zookeeper is a musical joy and an inspiring songsmith and performer. We are also proud that Roger’s song The Brain Train was part of our KIDZ STEM SONGZ package.

Find out more about Roger and where to get your stream of Invincible at RogerDay.com.


Season 1

Hap Palmer

October 2015

We were so honored to spend time interviewing a true legend in childhood education, Hap Palmer, a pioneer of music and movement and all his basic skills recordings for the Educational Activities label. Every early childhood and kindergarten teacher in America has used his music and his series of videos produced for the BABY SONGS company. An icon, indeed!

Hap Palmer Portrait

Regina Kelland

July 2015

Billboard Magazine describes Reggie Kelland as “one of the seminal figures in the kids’ business.” She is former Director of Children’s Marketing for A&M and Rounder Records and currently operates and talks with John and Dan about her successful consulting firm, To Market Kids. A true force in this music we love and a dear friend! 

Regina Kelland

Dan Crow

April 2015

Yes, we lazily interviewed each other. However, we were surprised to discover we were extremely bright, wise, insightful, derivative and needy.

more about Dan

Dan Crow

John Wood

October 2014

Yes, we lazily interviewed each other. However, we were surprised to discover we were extremely bright, wise, insightful, derivative and needy.

John Wood portrait

Peter Alsop

July 2014

Yes, Peter, is one our recurring and favorite interviews. We love talking to with him about his new music and our long-time friendship. He discusses the family performing series that he produces at the famous, Theatricum Botanicum in Topanga Canyon, California which has featured the likes of John Wood and Dan Crow. 

Peter Alsop

Debi Derryberry

August 2012

Debi is one of the most in-demand voice artists in the world. She voices, among many animated characters, Jimmy Neutron, Coco Bandicoot and Jay the Jetplane. We get to talk about her children’s recording, VERY DERRYBERRY. She even signed a Draculaura (from MONSTER HOUSE) photo for my niece, which blew her away! 

Debby Derryberry

Jonathan Sprout

April 2010

We caught up with Jonathan at The Grammy Museum in Los Angeles to talk about his America Heroes series of albums, the most recent of which was nominated for a Grammy. A true road warrior with over 6,000 family performance to his credit. He is also a multi-award winning filmmaker and truly genuine soul! 

Jonathan Sprout

Niall de Burca

May 2008

This brilliant Storyteller is one of The Emerald Isle’s National Treasures! He is a native of Ireland and talks about his World-wide travels to exotic places such as Australia, Iran, Germany, India and every corner of the Earth. Audiences love him! He is a rambling man who is one of the greatest “Tale Spinners” around! There is a bit of leprechaun mischievousness in him too!

Niall Burca

Stephen Michael Schwartz

March 2008

A founding member of the legendary performing trio, PARACHUTE EXPRESS, Stephen talks about his multiple solo projects and his International tours. He is a superstar in Asia for example. One cool Dude! 

Stephen Michael Schwartz

David Kinnoin

December 2007

Dave is a prodigious songwriter for Disney and Sesame Street and has created many multi-award winning recordings for kids and families. He discusses his songwriting process and exciting upcoming projects. He also makes the best chocolate chip cookie!

David Kinnoin

Joanie Bartels

November 2007

Joanie is among the top-selling recording artists in the children’s music biz! Her Magic Series Albums have sold millions of copies and she has toured internationally. We talk with her about her career and her recent retirement and her new life in Auckland, New Zealand. This lady can sing jazz with the best of ‘um! 

Joanie Bartels