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“DITTO KIDDO” STEPHEN Michael Schwartz, 2019

Ditto Kiddo Album Cover

“DITTO KIDDO” STEPHEN Michael Schwartz, 2019

One day, one lost and lonely day, Stephen Michael Schwartz will be inducted into a CMHF or Children’s Music Hall of Fame. He’ll most likely be enshrined twice as a solo artist and as a member of the popular group Parachute Express. Oh happy day! His new album Ditto Kiddo is yet another gleaming cherry atop an illustrious career as a singer-songwriter and engaging rock star performer. His marvelous hair grows mysteriously (maybe there will be a SMS Chia Pet) and will most likely get its own induction or part one day. Each of the nine songs are cleverly-crafted, beautifully performed and teeming with effusive production values. My favorite and soon to be classic, “That’s What Love Can Do,” goes straight to the heart and gives it a hug kinda like when those dogs greet the soldiers coming home…only better. Stephen Michael Schwartz we who are about to sing salute you as we enjoy your lovely album once more. We can’t wait to visit your hologram sandwiched between Burl Ives and Malvina Reynolds in the Central Hall of CMHF. Catch you on the flip side? Ditto Kiddo! Ditto Kiddo, Stephen Michael Schwartz, S-Team Productions; 2019.

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