My Friend Patty Zeitlin

patty zeitlin

My Friend Patty Zeitlin

Throughout all the years I have composed and performed for young children I have been fortunate to have been influenced and mentored by some brilliant songwriters. One of the most inspiring was my longtime friend, the author, playwright, songsmith and early childhood icon, Patty Zeitlin.

The classic Educational Activities children’s albums that Patty did with Marcia Berman are by some considered the birth of music for kids and their families. Spin Spider Spin, I’m Not Small, Everybody Cries Sometimes, Won’t You Be My Friend, Rainy Day Dances, and Rainy Day Songs are pioneering works, alongside those of Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Malvina Reynolds and Hap Palmer records for young listeners.

We lost our friend, Patty, on March 17. My 40-some year association with her is a huge part of my own career path. Her talent was at the zenith of songwriters I have known. Her melodies are purely magical and her lyrics are compassionate, perceptive and even mystical.

Patty Zeitlin was my collaborator, influencer, supporter and dear friend.

Dan Crow

March 19, 2023

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