Dennis Scott and Thank You, Mister Rogers Music & Memories


Dennis Scott and Thank You, Mister Rogers Music & Memories

There have been a million words or so written about Mister Rogers – all noteworthy – indeed enough to fill a neighborhood.

Our focus today is on Fred Rogers the songwriter and consummate musician. The album Thank You, Mister Rogers Music & Memories, is a lovely stroll down memory lane produced by Dennis Scott. 

Who is Dennis Scott you may ask, even if you didn’t. Well, I’ll tell you who he is who he really really is! Only one of the best producers in the country that’s who. If you Google his name, you’ll end up with a really tall, retired basketball player. Dennis is a lot of things but tall not so much. Dennis gathers a bevy of talented and storied singers and players and blends them perfectly with a variety of musical styles to elevate classic Mister Rogers songs to legendary status. You know the songs; you’ve heard of the artists, and you’ve now been introduced to producer extraordinaire Dennis Scott. With a neighborhood just like this I’ll play this album long past when the streetlights come on. 

Read MORE about Dennis Scott and the fabulous artist and listen to Dan & John’s interview of Dennis in the latest Just Kiddin’ podcast!

John Wood

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