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A Comment from Regina Kelland

A Comment from Regina Kelland

By Regina Kelland

ReggieHeadShotThere are a lot of weird people out there and I’m proud to say I’m one of them. One of the best parts of being human is our differences – and that is what bullies try to take from us. October is Bullying Prevention Month spotlighting how to deal with and prevent bullying.  Supporting good character choices is a big part of averting bullying and I have had the pleasure of marketing Dave Kinnoin’s (a singular character if ever there was one!) last three CDs all focusing on this theme – his latest, The Best in Me, was reviewed here

But here, instead of writing about bullying itself, I decided to share some ideas on celebrating our distinctiveness, reveling in our own peculiarities and taking back our joy from those who would try to trample it.

Here are some ways, from the silly to the significant, to stand up, be counted and reach out – as a fellow oddball and as a caring member of the human race.  I have done most of them, some often.  I’m sure there are more each individual can add to their own personal list.

  1. Smile at a stranger. Some will wonder what you are up to and for others you will make their day.
  1. Dance in a supermarket aisle. A little boogie among the cereal boxes goes a long way.
  1. Put money in a meter that is about to expire (other than yours).
  1. Wear mismatched socks. (You do that already?  Good for you – even if it is by accident.)
  1. Compliment a stranger on their clothes, hairdo, tie, shoes, car, whatever.  The smile you get in return is often dazzling.
  1. Stand up to mean-spirited postings on social media.  We cannot expect that someone else will do it – we all must.
  1. Reach out to someone you think may be being bullied. A kind word of encouragement can make a big difference.
  1. Contact your legislators and ask them to support anti-bullying legislation and to not support other legislation that infringes or takes away the rights of others.
  1. Feel good about yourself. You’ve earned it – and some ice cream.

What, you were expecting 10?  That would be too – what’s the word – normal.

Regina Kelland is the owner of To Market Kids and has had the pleasure of promoting children’s music for the past, let’s just say, very many years.

For More Anti-bullying songs check out the artists at

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  • Stephen Michael Schwartz
    Posted at 22:46h, 24 August Reply

    Thank you for this article. Very helpful hints on how to walk through life and be pro-active in making ourselves and others a little happier. Happy people make the world a happier place. Sad people tend to do the opposite. I will share this article with others.

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