“All I Do is Hop” Grin Brigade, Song Wizard, 2019

“All I Do is Hop” Grin Brigade, Song Wizard, 2019

Riddle me this astute connoisseurs of fine music for kids and their pet parents: Who puts 29 superb songs on one album? Dave Kinnoin, that’s who!  

Who includes a rat-pack of super talented topsy-turvy singer-songwriters called the Grin Brigade to sweeten the mix?  Dave Kinnoin, that’s who!

And, who’s peekin’ out from under a stairway calling a name that’s lighter than air? Zany Brainy Dave Kinnoin and Grin Brigade? No silly, everyone knows its Windy! But I digress and am perilously close to running out of exclamation points… The title song All I Do Is Hop offers a simple and fun answer to stress by being carefree like a frog and is just one of many positive self-help gems wrapped in lovely arrangements and delightful performances. There are no spoilers ahead just clear sailing and easy listening. Just ask Windy! Oops there it is.

Check out this fun new video for “Dog Alphabet Song” from the new Grin Brigade CD:  https://youtu.be/Bb9aI-gXruQ

Grin Brigade, Song Wizard 2019

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