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Battersby Duo Review

Battersby Duo Review

KidzMusic Artists Battersby Duo are known for their compositions and performances of a wide range of “Americana” music, but did you know they write an excellent monthly column in the Arts and Culture section on Independent Artists for the Huffington Post?

Their latest article concerns a musical couple who, through fortuitous circumstances, were able to match their lovely harmonic skills with just the right poetry:

tomandemilyPerformed by Tom Proutt and Emily Gary, “Goodnight Songs, A Celebration of the Seasons is a aesthetic blend of music with the poetry of Margaret Wise Brown. Goodnight Songs “is a full body experience. It combines, music, literature, and illustration with glorious results. This collection also has a fabulous back story full of family connections that add a lot of genuineness. This tribute to the work of Margaret Wise Brown, is a treat well worth sampling.”

Enjoy the full article here.

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