By Dan Crow

Some time ago I heard Bill Nye The Science Guy say we need more engineers, and it got me thinking about the impact of this statement in today’s world. At the same time, by coincidence, a good friend entered college to study civil engineering, a niece began her studies in microbiology and a cousin is majoring in computer science. These are three outstanding young women pursuing careers in areas dominated by men.

Considering that most of my work as an educator and singer/songwriter is directed toward elementary-age children, I decided to create a project supporting the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) curriculum. It is intended to use music, and specifically songs, to excite the kids into thinking about how much fun it could be to learn about these fields and, who knows, maybe think about STEM careers.

The songs became a CD and the CD is transforming into animated videos hosted by a young scientist we call Anny Dallshouse. All this is directed toward children and their families. The goal is to help create a new batch of inspired boy and (especially) girl STEMSTERS!

dancrow-concoctions-kids-music-album-300x281The challenge in producing this CD was to write songs with catchy lyrics and musical arrangements that are sophisticated and still kid friendly. Thanks in large part to a masterful arranger and producer, Jimmy Hammer, I think we succeeded.

This is truly a labor of love motivated by some exceptional young women. So thank you girls, and everyone please enjoy our tuneful CONCOCTIONS!

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