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What do you do after coming home from two tours in Iraq?  If you’re Derek McGee, you hop on a boat, write some zany lyrics and collaborate with master musician Charlie Chamberlain and a bunch of other sillies and create a jambalaya musical soup of downright toe-tapping-getup and dance music and call it Funkinships. Bingo! All aboard! Set sail on a magical mystical adventure and be prepared to dance laugh and sing vewy vewy loud! If you’ve been told you can’t sing a lick or carry a tune in an ice chest then this band of brothers and sisters is for you. Where do I sign up? Check out this ‘Post Folk Absurdist’ outfit at and get a sweet taste of the giggles. If music can change the life of a non-musical war veteran, it just might work on any musically challenged folks you might know…Wanted to post this review for Veterans Day but then every day is Veterans Day, right? Catch you on the flip side.

John Wood is the mystical reviewer and bon vivant for

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