Interview with Dan Crow

Interview with Dan Crow

Jenna Canfield Gonzales is doing a series of interviews with kids music artists for her site/project Your Musical Child

“Dan brings his funny warmth and love of children into his work. He loves to write songs about nature, friendship and is a natural comedian which is so engaging for kids who don’t even realize they are learning while having fun! I am so honored to have him as a guest on the summit and I am eager for you to hear his tips and encouragement for people like us who love children and love to make music! As a songwriter I found myself inspired by him to work on my songs and get them out there.
“Just click here to get access to the interview and more information on Dan Crow:

“He also has a podcast where he interviews other artists, as well as an awesome website ( featuring many amazing children’s artists who also make great music for kids.”

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