One bright sunshiny day, Roger Day – a close relative – bounded out of bed, put on his pants one leg at a time or he might have fallen over, and trotted off to the recording studio to make his new album, INVINCIBLE. Never preachy always proper, this album is a well-crafted highly performed tribute to the indomitable spirit and the super hero resident in us all. As Mr. Rogers mother told him, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’ The key word being look. Roger Day sees not only the front-line workers but the protective school bus drivers and healing school nurses everywhere. We’ve all got a cape somewhere I use my mom’s tablecloth it gives me strength like a hug. This is a well-produced album from the first downbeat and doesn’t let up until the last fade out. I must give a strong shout out to the band that is rocking on all cylinders. Say hey Roger Day keep up the good work we’re listening out here! JW

Learn more about the making of INVINCIBLE  in the Wood ‘n Crow podcast and listen to more of his terrific music at

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